Not All Denver Face Painters are the Same! What You Need to Ask Before Hiring One

The art of face painting is one that takes skill, talent, practice, an eye for beautiful design, and plenty of creativity. However, there’s even more that’s involved that separates a “fly-by-night” face painter from the true pro.

Face painting artists are called upon to entertain at events that can range from children’s birthday parties to corporate family festivals to school and church functions. The real talent lies with those exceptional artists who perform their services for professional photographers, film and theater productions, movies, and television shows, too! If you’ve got an event coming up and you’re searching for the best face painting in Denver, CO, there are some questions you need to ask potential hires before you commit to their services. Here are a few of the most important ones:

1. How long have you been painting faces, and what kind of experience do you have?

The difference between a couple weeks and a couple years can translate to a HUGE difference in the experience you’ll have with a face painter in Denver. Those who have been in practice for a long time and who have a broad range of canvases (faces) under their belts are the ones you need to search for. Has the artist you’re considering entertained at events like yours before? Do they have experience with adults too, or just children? Be sure to hire a pro at face painting who has a good handful of years of experience to back up their work.

2. What kind of paints do you use?

The last thing you need to worry about regarding your event is having your attendees break out in rashes or hives, or have their face paint drip off of their faces onto their clothes! Make sure any artist you’re considering hiring uses high-quality face paints that are FDA-approved. The paints – along with any glitters or extra decorations – should be cosmetic grade. Good face paints are NOT acrylic, NOT loaded with chemicals, and are more like make-up, rather than typical paint. This is especially important for children and for people who have sensitive skin.

3. Can You Paint Anyone’s Face?

At first, a person who replies “Yes” to this question may seem like the best choice for a face painter in Denver. However, you don’t necessarily want to hire someone who will paint any face. Unprofessional painters sometimes will do anything to make a buck, and you don’t want someone like that for your special event. The best answer to “Is there anyone you won’t paint?” is “Yes.” A true professional will not paint those who have skin conditions like eczema, those who have a contagious illness, or very, very young children because of their sensitive skin. A true professional will not paint a child who does not want a painting done, either.

4. What About Cleaning and Hygiene Methods?

An excellent artist will wash their brushes and change the water they use very often – certainly in between every person. Any paint that goes on the mouth should be applied with cotton swabs or another disposable instrument, and should never be used on more than one person. Skin-safe glue should be used, and all equipment should be cleaned and sterilized after every event to ensure that no bacteria or harmful substances grow or develop on equipment.

5. Can You Show Me Examples of Your Work?

It’s never a good idea to hire anyone – face painter or otherwise – without getting an idea of the type of work they’re capable of. Never accept photos of face creations that were done by a different artist that are “similar to what [the painter] can create.” Ask if they have a website that you can browse, and keep in mind that any true professional who is serious about their work will have a website. These days, a website doesn’t cost much to maintain, and it will reveal a lot about the kind of person the painter is, how much they value their clients, and the caliber of work they do.

Whether you’re interested in hiring a Denver face painting pro for your child’s next birthday party, you’re interested in Henna tattoos for you and your friends, or you’re a professional photographer who needs the talent and skill of a painter for your life’s work, anyone who is considering hiring an artist needs to ask the right questions before committing to ensure that the experience that follows will be a success. Lost In Face has more than 25 years of experience face painting in Denver, CO! Experience includes holiday parties, grand opening celebrations, school and church functions, birthday parties, company picnics, Halloween faces, Henna tattoos, theatrical makeup art for TV, film, and theater productions, and more. Visit Lost In Face on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and browse our website at!

July 19, 2021