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Lost in Face will be the hit of your party. Remember, hiring experienced performers, with many references, will insure a successful event that will be appreciated by all.


Theatrical Makeup Artist

Located just 10 minutes from downtown Denver, Lost in Face expert face painters have over 20 years of theatrical makeup experience. From ghoulish apparitions to charming fairytale characters, Lost in Face has been transforming Denver with expert application and friendly dispositions. Specializing in providing detailed designs in a timely manner, Lost in Face has become staples in the local party scene. Whether you need a breathtaking transformation for the annual Halloween party or want to provide some delight and memories for an upcoming birthday, Lost in Face is the theatrical makeup expert you can depend on.


Mendhi, better known as Henna, is an ancient art form originating from India. Usually shown as rich and ornate designs gracing the hands and feet of Indian brides, henna has become popular in the West for any occasion.

Lost in Face is proud to bring authentic and beautiful henna to Denver. By incorporating shimmering glitter, twinkling body jewels, and pure henna paste, Lost in Face has perfected the motifs and techniques that continue to make henna art an eye-catching design on every individual.

Lost in Face can complete even the most complex henna designs in a matter of minutes as a result of over 25 years of experience. Once completed, you can enjoy your new henna tattoo for up to 2 weeks.

The speed and caliber at which our artist’s work has made Lost in Face henna services a popular mainstay for Denver events, parties and, special occasions. To book our Denver henna services, contact us today.

In addition Lost in Face has entertained at numerous affairs including:
  • 1. Elitch Gardens (for eight successful years)
  • 2. Casa Bonita
  • 3. A Taste Of Colorado
  • 4. Capitol Hill People's Fair
  • 5. The Gaylord Street Fair
  • 6. Barrister Ball
  • 7. Funplex
  • 8. Cherry Creek Arts Festival
  • 9. The Mask Project - Cherry Creek Mall
  • 10. Strawberry Days - Glenwood Springs
Recent Lost in Face Experience
  • 1. Schools, Country Clubs and Church/Synagogue Functions
  • 2. Grand Openings
  • 3. Company Picnics
  • 4. Birthday Parties
  • 5. Halloween
  • 6. Holiday Celebrations
  • 7. Make-Up for Professional Photographers, Television Shows, Film and TheaterProductions